Adolf Eichman was born in Austria in Solingen in 1906 and died in Israel 

Adolf Eichman was born in Austria in Solingen in 1906 and was executed in Israel in 1962
according to the Cambridge Reference Book. I was misinformed about Eichmann, by a usually reliable source. I did not double check that information. The mistake about Eichman’s did not occur in any of my books. Here is my summary of this Austrian’s Nazi career.

On April 1, 1932 Eichman enlisted to the SS and became full member in November as SS number 45326. Untill July 1933 Eichman worked in Austria, for the Vacuum Oil Company AG, then he moved to Germany. When Hitler came to Power, Nazis and Zionists rejoiced, each for different reason. Zionists hoped that by collaboration with the Nazis they could force enough Jews to Palestine, to create there the state of Israel. The Nazis simply wanted to evict Jews from Germany and be “the dominant race” in the world.  

Eichmann joined an active duty SS regiment and in November 1933 he was promoted to Scharfuerer on the staff of the Dachau concentration camp. Then in 1934 he requested transfer to Security Police (Sicherheitpolizei), a part of Nazi terror apparatus. He was assigned to SD the headquarter of  Sicherheitsdienst in Berlin and was promoted regularly until in 1937 he was commissioned. SS-Untersturmfuerer.

Eichman was sent to the British Mandate of Palestine with his supervisor Herbert Hagen, in order to check the possibility of relocating all Jews from Germany in Palestine. They had only a transit visa and after landing in Haifa, they had to travel to Cairo, where they met Feival Polkes, an agent of the Haganah, an organization which, together with Irgun, originated from the fascist Jewish organization in Poland, named “Bejtar.” Jewish fascists greeted each other with “Roman Salute” which was also adopted by the Nazis, who trained Bejtar members in their training camps. Feival Polkes tried to get Nazi help in relocating Jews from Europe to Palestine.

Next year, after the Anschluss of Austria, Eichmann in 1938 was assigned to organize SS Security forces in Vienna and was promoted to SS-Obersturmfuerer or 1st lieutenant and by the end of the year he was ordered to form the Central Office for Jewish Emigration for deportation and eviction of Jews from Austria. Eichman started to study Judaism and Hebrew.

When Germany attached Poland in 1939 Eichman was promted to SS-Hauptsturmfuerer or captain for his work in “Jewish Emigration.” He had many contacts with Zionist activists, who were small, but very active part o Jewry. Zionist were pressing to speed up departure of Jews only to Palestine, and not any place else. In December 1939 Eichman was in charge Referat IV B4 of Reich Central Security Office (the RSHA) to deal with evacuation of Jews.  
German military success in France put Hitler in a state of euphoria and he had visions of victory over both France and Gr. Britain. Hitler ordered Eichmann to prepare a plan to evacuate all Jews of western and central Europe to French island-colony of Madagascar by using French and  British navy to provide transportation. In August 1940 Eichman’s detailed plan, named “Reichssicherheitshauptamt Madagascar Project,” was ready for implementation to deport Jews to the island-colony.
Thus, Hitler’s government tried to forcibly relocate the entire Jewish population of occupied Europe to the French island colony of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. It happened a little more than a year before, the event known as the “Wannsee Conference” on January 20, 1942, the briefing that proclaimed and organized the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” by Nazi civilian government and SS officials.
Already in May 1940 H. Himmler stated in his “Reflections on the treatment of People of Alien Races in the East” in his words: “I hope that the concept of Jews will be completely extinguished through the possibility of a large migration of all Jews to Africa…” Hitler’s victory in France seemed to be certain and therefore French colonies would be under German control.
Hitler hoped to conclude a favorable peace treaty with England, which was to experience German aerial bombardment and was expected to capitulate as quickly as did the French. The Nazis hoped that the French and the British navy would be at their disposal, for use in the evacuation to Madagascar of Jews from western and central Europe.
The evacuation plan was set in motion by the Jewish Department of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on June 3, 1940. However Jewish intelligentsia was to be held by the Nazis as hostages, in order to blackmail American Jews to pressure the government of the United States according to Berlin’s wishes. On August 15th, 1940, Adolf Eichman published his text named “Reichssicherheitshauptamt: Madagascar Projekt” according to which one million Jews per year were to be shipped from Europe to Madagascar over the period of four years.
Hans Frank, the ruler of the General Government of occupied Poland supported the project of resettlement of four million Jews to Madagascar, rather than deportation of all western European Jews to Poland. Deportation of Jews to Poland was stopped on July 10, 1940, as well as the construction of the Warsaw ghetto which also was stopped, according to “ /Madagascar Plan.”
Nazis pretended to give autonomy to Jewish settlement on Madagascar and the Wafen SS was to control and oversee Jewish government on the island and convert it into a “super ghetto” organized as a police state. By June 18, Hitler and Ribbentrop presented the Madagascar Plan to Mussolini, who was to provide ports of departure for of the Jews.
Goering’s office was to oversee the administration of Jewish economics within the Madagascar Plan, also called “Four Year Plan.” In  Summer of 1940 Hitler felt victorious. France was ready to capitulate and Hitler hoped that Britain after heavy bombardment would do the same.  Thus, the Nazis expected that the French would turn over the Madagascar colony to Germany in the peace treaty and French and British navies were to be used for transportation of Jews from Europe to Madagascar.
Nazi failure in the Battle of Britain, spelled out the collapse of Hitler’s notion about the possibility of using the British fleet for evacuation of the Jews from Europe. Instead British ships were fighting German Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, by early December or slightly over a year before the “Wannsee Conference” took place in January 1942, the Madagascar Plan was abandoned entirely by the Nazis, The Warsaw Ghetto was closed to outside traffic in November 1940. 
However, many of the Holocaust profiteers and other members of the Holocaust Industry, do not like to mention the Madagascar Plan or even to admit the significance of the “Wannsee Briefing,” because apparently they would like to claim that the decision to commit the crime of genocide of the Jewish population was decided upon much earlier in Germany or possibly in other areas of Christianity.  The crushing defeat of German army in the battle for Moscow resulted in Hitler’s “preventive” decision to kill all Jews under his occupation, so they could not take advantage of the possible German defeat.
The Madagascar deportation plan was conceived during expectation of Nazi victory on the western front, a little more than a year later, the plan for the “Final Solution” was conceived in the realization, that Nazi defeat in the war was possible. Similarly in 1945 death marches of inmates of German concentration camps were ordered, to protect German population from hundreds of thousands hungry prisoners.
Lieutenant Colonel or SS-Obersturmbannfuerer Karl Adolf Eichmann is called the architect of the Holocaust.” Hannah Arendt, a Jewish political theorist, who reported his trial for The New Yorker wrote in “Eichman in Jerusalem” that main motive of Eichmann was to succeed in his career and not anti-Semitism or mental sickness. Hannah Arend saw Adolf Eichman as an Austrian Nazi and the “Banality of Evil,” who was not even guilty of hatred of Jew - a man disappointed because he never got promoted to the rank of full colonel in Nazi army (the “Standartenfuerer”).

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